Glimpse to The FUTURE

Want to know who will rule the Quantum world? or lead the 5G revolution? Patents is the best place to look.

Our cutting edge Patent’s analysis dashboard will show you which companies are leading in each ‘Next Generation’ technologies, or what are the technologies that have the most patents in recent years.¬†

Need some help?

How to watch the future

Next-generation technologies are displayed on the Upper-dashboard. Click on them to explore the companies which assign the most patents to them 

On the bottom, you’ll find the most patented technologies. By clicking on them, you can see what companies own them.

Next, you can search for technologies or companies, and select who to filter based on the drop-down menus (you can choose more than 1)

The ‘Year’ & ‘Countries’ filters in the Upper-Left allows you to filter by year and country.