Hedge Funds & Institutional Holdings – A Short Guide

What are the professionals doing?  It’s a question most investors ask themselves every once in a while, and justifiably so. A large portion of the market is owned by professional investors\firms (like hedge funds, conglomerates, and others). We as investors might want to watch what they are doing in real-time to get a better understanding […]

6 Advanced Twitter Methods & Research Tools for Capital Market Insights and Analysis

Everyone has been talking about Reddit recently, but its bigger and more stable ‘sibling’ is Twitter, which for years has been a significant hub for information on various markets, companies, and trends in the business world (also for Elon Musk tweets).  Unlike other social networks, the discourse on Twitter is often more professional, and accurate. […]

Analyst Ratings – What Are They & How We Use Them

What Are Analyst Ratings? Analyst ratings are the product of many hours of hard work (researching companies, customers, financials, and more) by investing professionals who sum up an asset/stock with a numerical score or a recommendation. Using these ratings is crucial for the individual investor who lacks the time to conduct in-depth research.   Along with […]

14 Leading Information Sources for Renewable Energy Sector Research

To establish a significant advantage over other traders, whether in stock trading, ETFs, or other assets we need to develop a deep understanding of the sector in which we trade. Of course, conducting high-quality research requires high-quality sources. In addition, using the right sources of information will save us valuable time, and allow us to […]

Using Google’s Advanced Operators For Researching Companies

We all know and use Google, but behind the simplistic and ordinary search, there is a whole world of operators and complex queries that allow us to reach valuable, and unique information, on the first results page. “The best place to hide a dead body is page two of Google”– someone famous. To refine our […]

6 Advanced Reddit Analysis and Research Tools for Gaining Capital Market Insights

Reddit has emerged as an important information hub and forum for the investment world in recent years. Various subreddits, with hundreds of thousands to millions of participants, contain discussions, analysis, updates, and cause market manipulation, such as meme stocks(stocks that spike due to a trend on social networks and not for economic performance), like GameStop […]