Who We Are?

Leaders in Trade Intelligence & Alternative Data gathering and analysis. Web & Open-Source Intelligence experts with a deep financial understanding.


What is Tradint?

Trade intelligence is a subfield of business/competitive intelligence and open source intelligence (OSINT & WEBINT).

The field of alternative data and business intelligence has grown rapidly over the last decade in part because of the almost complete integration of business and industry onto the Internet, as well as the continuous competition between hedge funds and investors.

The capital markets are speculative, volatile, and sometimes completely random. Reality is less. Large entities are investing millions of dollars in creating unique sources of information, smart gathering of data on companies and markets, and developing sophisticated investment models.

Using hacks, tools and advanced methods to collect and analyze the Internet, Tradint experts are able to reveal significant information about companies, markets, or their environments, in real-time, and to gain the alpha and the advantage over other investors