14 Leading Information Sources for Renewable Energy Sector Research

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To establish a significant advantage over other traders, whether in stock trading, ETFs, or other assets we need to develop a deep understanding of the sector in which we trade. Of course, conducting high-quality research requires high-quality sources. In addition, using the right sources of information will save us valuable time, and allow us to gain a deep and comprehensive understanding of the field quickly and efficiently. 

The Renewable Energy sector has emerged in recent years and is expected to continue growing due to climate change, electric vehicles, and ever-growing markets. Following are some leading sources for Renewable Energy sector research and learning.

Companies and Exchangeable Assets

Before we dive into the sources and communities from whom we can learn, we should first understand the types of assets and existing companies in the energy sector:

  • Mapping The different types of companies and assets in the energy sector that can be traded. we’ll use Investopedia
  • Energy sector stocks traded on the Nasdaq
  • List of leading companies in the energy sector and a brief analysis of their activities. 
  • Energy ETF Overview.   

Energy Sector Industries

Analysis, News, and Predictions

Professional reviews, frequently updated, will provide us with an in-depth understanding of the various elements in the field and the direction in which it is heading:

  • IEA.org
    • One of the largest and most significant organizations in the field of sustainability and green energy, entrusted with monitoring, researching and training in the field of energy for countries and organizations.
    • The site has information categorized by country, industry, technology, materials etc. Provides analysis, data, in-depth research as well as government policy mapping, and is one of the most significant sources of information on the field. 
  • Digital Energy Magazine – One of the leading magazines in the field of energy. Provides information on companies, trends, technologies and regulations in the field. An excellent source of quality and in-depth information on the field. You can filter by subdomain for more targeted information. 
  • U.S Department of Energy – A good source of information for strategic issues, immediate and long-term policies on energy issues and climate change.
  • The World Bank – The World Bank collects data and researches the energy sector,they also provides data and a number of tools, such as:
    • The Global Solar Atlas – An interactive map with information that provides data on the potential of solar energy production from any point on Earth.They identified areas where solar investments will yield a more significant amount of energy, and according to the findings follow regulations or companies entering the field in the countries in question.
    • The Global Wind Atlas –  An interactive map with information about the potential energy generation from wind in different places in the world. 
    • Energy Database – A huge directory of datasets and data from around the world on energy issues. Countries, stations, accessibility and renewable energy. 863 data series that can be easily downloaded and researched. The site has a simple search and filtering engine that will allow you to reach accurate data according to our research questions.
Global Solar Atlas by the World Bank


Beyond reviews and analysis, one of the most effective ways in recent years to stay up to date and qualitatively study sectors is by participating in sector-specific professional communities on the internet. 

  • Sub-Reddit /r/Energy: News & Discussion  
    • A Subreddit that deals with discussions, news, and analysis on energy, gas, materials, technologies, and more. The community contains over 100,000 participants and is updated frequently and continuously. 
  • Sub-Reddit : r/RenewableEnergy
    • Subreddit focused on renewable energy – News and analysis on the sector, including information on regulations and government plans in the sector from around the world. The community contains about 90,000 participants and is constantly updated.
  • Facebook Group : Green Energy Innovation and Technology
    • A professional community with about 40,000 members that focuses on innovations and groundbreaking technologies in the field. An excellent source to keep up to date with new products coming out, and identify companies with high potential.
Renewable Energy Sub-Reddit


Renewable Energy Hub by Tradint

Of course, the best way to easily access all of this information and much much more is by using our ‘Renewable Energy Hub’.

On the Hub, you will find breaking news & top analysis on the home page as well as up-to-date graphs and charts of energy Leading Stocks, ETFs & Commodities. 

You will also find our custom search engine and various other tools & information sources, so you’ll become an expert in no time.

Renewable Energy Hub
Tradint’s Renewable Energy Hub
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