Trade Intelligence (Tradint)— What is it and why is it important?

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The intelligence world consists of different branches, defined by the ability to gather information or by research context.

Tradint or Trade Intelligence is a subdivision of the Webint/OSINT (Open Source and Web Intelligence) industry, Underlying the idea of ​​integrating advanced capabilities of intelligence gathering and research from the web for optimal stock market decision-making.”

In the last decade, the field of alternative data, which harnesses unconventional sources of information, not necessarily from the financial field, has gained significant momentum in large hedge funds.

Millions of dollars are being poured into alternative data and intelligence providers, Starting with satellite images of oil wells, Through analyzing the number of cars in Walmart’s parking lots, to analyzing the number of various search terms on Google.

All of the above generates a competitive advantage, based on information, that will allow identifying trends or opportunities in real-time.

The trend of gathering intelligence and using data and information that is not from the classic economic world stems from the understanding that capital prices are affected by everyday events that occur in the world, both in the business sector and in the environmental and geopolitical sectors;
Disruption in ship activity in the Indian Ocean due to significant storms, delays in the supply of technological products or vehicles due to a fire in a chip factory, security threats and shutdown of infrastructure due to cyber attacks, or consumer trends that are bubbling below the surface and will be reflected in prices and reports in the coming months.

All of these and more, provide an exclusive and unique advantage to public or private entities that know how to take advantage of the Web for locating real-time information, often automatically, and research various indicators to create trading signals.

Alternative data is Untapped Alpha

The biggest opportunity for investors in this decade comes from the signals buried in the data generated by the digital economy. Alternative data is the deepest, least utilized alpha source in the world today.” 


Webint researchers possess an advanced toolbox and knowledge of methods that allow them to collect the most valuable information from the web, identify sensitive and confidential information, receive the information in real-time and automatically. After collection, the researchers apply various algorithms, statistics and analysis methodologies to export clear signals of changes and price trends.

In some cases, the research results and signals are formulated by researchers and entities for algorithmic trading systems, which perform automated trading based on the signals developed.

More than the use of tools and advanced collection and research methods, the underlying idea of Tradint is the intelligence mindset of a complete and comprehensive analysis of companies and markets, and the identification of all the factors that affect the activities and profitability of companies.

In doing so, surveying all the products, their components, and the supply chains of the companies, the strategic directions, and confidential relationships that the company maintains with various entities, impacts of environmental events and weather on activity across the sector, or the threats posed to companies and sectors by geopolitical changes and developments.

The ability to link events in one place, that seem unrelated, to the activity and profitability of companies elsewhere is the essence of Tradint research and is the main reason Tradint researchers and traders have a significant advantage over any other traders, institutional or private.

Start using the world’s first Tradint research tool, and explore all information, trends and analysis of companies, markets and locations –

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